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Image Analysis Training: Local background subtraction

Local background subtraction



This module explains how to remove background which has different values in different image parts.

Learning objectives

Concept map

graph TD;
    image --> smooth1[small radius filter]
    image --> smooth2[big radius filter]
    smooth1 --> image1[Noise suppressed image]
    smooth2 --> image2[Background image]
    image1 --> subtraction["[Noise suppressed image] - [Background image]"]
    image2 --> subtraction
    subtraction --> result[Background subtracted image]

Possible filters for creating bacground image

Activity: Implement a tophat filter

Activity: Explore tophat filter

Activity: Explore tophat filter on biological data

Activity: Explore tophat filter on noisy data

Activity: Implement median based background subtraction

Activity: Explore median filter for local background subtraction

Formative assessment

Answer below questions. Discuss with your neighbour!

  1. What could one do to close small gaps in a binary image?
  2. What could one do to remove small objects in a image?
  3. What could you use for local background subtraction in a very noisy image?