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Bio-IT Taskforce

The Bio-IT Taskforce is a steering committee for the Bio-IT Project, whose membership is drawn from the community itself. Members tend to be key stakeholders in the project: Bio-IT project coordinators, staff providing computational support to researchers, PhD students/post-docs/research staff keen on getting involved in community activity, research group leaders with an interest and/or remit for bioinformatics support, and members of the IT Services group. The Taskforce originally formed around the group whose grassroots activity, establishing a common library of Linux software tools for EMBL systems, led to the foundation of the Bio-IT Project: Jean-Karim Hériché, Venkata Satagopam, and Frank Thommen.

Taskforce meetings follow a regular bi-monthly schedule, with occasional extraordinary meetings held when the need arises. Meetings usually follow the Lean Coffee format, unless discussion is expected to centre around one or two topics only. See this checklist for more information about how meetings are organised/run.