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EMBL Git Admins

The EMBL Git Admins are volunteers, who administer and maintain the Bio-IT community GitLab and Mattermost Chat platforms. This work involves managing updates to these systems, troubleshooting problems, administering user accounts, and managing containers and runners for GitLab-CI.

Current admins:

  • Wasiu Akanni
  • Toby Hodges
  • Jelle Scholtalbers
  • Jakob Wirbel

Former admins:

  • Holger Dinkel*
  • Grischa Toedt*
  • Marc Gouw

* Frank Thommen was the administrator of the community’s previous Git repository hosting system, based on Gitolite. Grischa and Holger were responsible for setting up the GitLab system and migrating existing repositories from Gitolite to GitLab.