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Repeating Events

A list of repeating events for the Bio-IT community.


  • Biocomputing Retreat
    • usually takes place in Feb/Mar
  • Bio-IT/Centres Unit Seminar
    • date varies, set via Alena Froehlichova in January
    • usually uses one of the Zeller or Gibson Team slots
  • “Thank You” Summer BBQ and Hackathon
  • EMBL Lab Day
    • EMBL’s internal conference
    • Bio-IT usually has a poster or a short talk at the event


  • Taskforce Meetings
    • bi-monthly, taking place at 14:00 on the first Wednesday of odd-number months
    • see Taskforce Meeting HOWTO for details
  • Bio-IT lunch
    • monthly, every fourth Wednesday, 12:00
    • a lunch bringing together Bio-IT coordinators, bioinformatics/computational support staff, members of IT Services, and other major contributors to the Bio-IT Project
  • Training interest group lunch
    • roughly monthly
    • organised by Rachel Coulthard-Graf
    • a meeting of various parties at EMBL (EICAT/Course & Conference Office, Predoc Office, Bio-IT, ELLS, General Training & Development, etc) interested in providing/organising training at EMBL
  • Bio-IT Beer Sessions
    • informal events to bring the community together
    • usually begin with a discussion/talk around a technical topic of interest to the community


  • emblr, EMBL’s R User Group meeting
    • 16:00 every second Tuesday
    • see the schedule
  • EPUG
    • EMBL’s Python User Group meeting
    • 16:00 on Tuesdays when emblr doesn’t take place
    • see the schedule


  • Drop-in sessions, consulting on computational biology/bioinformatics-related topics
    • 10:00 - 12:00 every Tuesday
    • take place in the EMBL cafeteria
  • EMBL Git Admins meeting
    • Fridays at 10:00
    • take place only if there is something to discuss and the maintainers are available to meet