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Useful Links


These resources contain important information about the configuration and maintenance of various Bio-IT resources.


These links point to various resources that we have found useful.

Community Building



  • CryptPad: like etherpad, CryptPad allows collaborative note-taking, and includes an option to optimise the pad for code by including line numbers and a monospaced font.
  • HackMD: another collaborative authoring tool, this time set up for Markdown. HackMD allows you to display the raw MD, the rendered version, or both in a split display, and to save documents in a collection to refer back to in the future.
  • Time and Date: convert meeting times between timezones; announce events across timezones; find out how likely it is that your collaboartors are awake right now; etc
  • Cuckoo Remote Timer: a shared countdown timer, useful for remote co-working sessions and meetings. Start a countdown timer and everyone connected to the page receives a notification when the countdown ends.