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HOWTO: Teaching via Live Stream

This list is intended to supplement the checklists for internal training events and external training events

Before the course

  • Make sure that venue has video conferencing infrastructure
  • Give notice to Photolab of intention to use video conferencing facilities - they will provide connection details to share with remote participants
  • Create a separate “Remote Attendance” ticket type for event
  • Send connection details to participants who signed up to attend remotely
  • Remind remote participants to keep their microphones muted when joining the call
  • Prepare feedback survey with two tracks, to identify differences in feedback from online and in-person participants
  • Create/choose a channel on the EMBL Chat as a place for participants to ask questions/discuss course content/share URLs
  • (Optional) create a shared notetaking document (CryptPad, GoogleDoc, HackMD, etc) - this can be helpful e.g. when pairing up georgraphically-dispersed participants for exercises

During the course

  • Arrive early to allow time for additional technical setup
  • Ask a co-instructor/helper/confident participant to tell instructor when a question is asked in the chat channel
  • Always wear a microphone when teaching
  • Instructor should remember to repeat questions & comments from local participants (not miced up) for the benefit of those following remotely
  • Remember not to rely on laser pointer when teaching