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HOWTO: Internal Training

Before the course

  • Identify all the potential trainers
  • Define the general structure/content of the course
  • List system requirements for the course
  • List prerequisites/assumed prior knowledge for the course
  • Check the availability of the trainers and preferred venue(s)
  • Create a calendar entry and book the venue for the decided dates
  • Invite instructors to the calendar event so they receive reminders and updates
  • Invite EMBL Heidelberg - Career development for scientists calendar so that course shows up on career development intranet pages
  • Set-up a course registration page on the Bio-IT Portal
  • Advertise course to Bio-IT Announce mailing list
  • Advertise course via EMBL-HD Unit Secretaries
  • Create a waiting list if the course is oversubscribed
  • Organize meetings with the trainers to finalize the course materials
  • Set up a git repository to compile and share the course materials
  • Create a post-workshop survey with Bio-IT SurveyMonkey account
  • Create a certificate template for the participants
  • Order catering through the relevant intranet pages
  • Send an announcement email
  • Send request for technical setup
  • Collect keys and check the systems a day before
  • Gather all the teaching materials (sticky notes, boards, pens, pointers, projector etc.)
  • Send a reminder emails to the participants
  • Offer spaces as they become free to participants from the waiting list

After the course

  • Send a ‘thank you email’ with the link to the survey to the participants and the trainers
  • Send a digital version of the certificates on request
  • Gather any important feedback for the course
  • Add attendance and key feedback details to our course tracking data (internal access only)
  • organise a debriefing session for the instructors, where feedback and planned changes can be discussed
  • create Issues, relating to changes required, on GitLab repository for course material (or a list if no such repository exists)
  • follow up on listed issues/tasks as soon as possible after the course

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