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HOWTO: External Training

This list is intended to supplement the checklist for internal training events


  • For de.NBI courses, ask participants for “country of employment - more specifically Germany or non-Germany” and “Academic level (non-academic, undergrad, grad, postdoc, PI)”.

Before the course

  • Budget and cost calculation (set a budget number)
  • Create a template for invoices (check with Accounts (Finance))
  • Setup externally-accessible course website
  • Give 2 contacts on the website for any query or emergency
  • Advertise in the external spaces (de.NBI, ELIXIR, Twitter etc.)
  • Check accommodation for participants
  • Book transportation
  • Book catering or charge a budget card from petty cash to pay for canteen lunch
  • (Optional) organize a conference dinner
  • Print teaching materials, name badges and certificates (Photolab)
  • Coordinate with external trainers
  • Collect all materials from Photolab
  • Send an email to the canteen to book table, and logo of the badge (identity for payment at the counter)
  • Organize lanyard or name tags (with the logo for lunch payment)
  • Send reminder to the trainers
  • Organize power sockets, laptop, additional technical requirements (discuss with Facility Management, IT Services)
  • (If necessary) select participants for the course
  • Select awardees for travel grant and/or registration waiver
  • Notify selected participants and send the invoices
  • Notify participants of final schedule

During course

  • Keep track of number of registrations vs participants (i.e. non-shows) - also for de.NBI purposes